Topcon Unveils Latest Surveying Equipment

Topcon Positioning is a company that develops and manufactures precision positioning equipment for the surveying, construction, and agricultural industries. In a video interview at INTERGEO, Adam from Topcon discusses the company’s new products, features, and software.

One of the main highlights for Topcon this year is the GTL 1200, an updated model that adds Wi-Fi capability to draw scans from the instrument into the Windows environment. This enables users to collect scans and assess whether they’re correct before leaving the site, allowing them to validate the construction of something quickly.

The GTL 1200 is a high-quality scanner that is designed for a particular task and offers a unique solution. The Windows-based tablet is ruggedized, making it durable for use in the construction and exterior world.

Topcon’s GLS 2200 is a dedicated device that comes in three different formats, depending on the range that users require. The scanner is high-quality, and the company focuses on accuracy, ensuring that the data created is reliable.

The company offers a range of different options, including Total Stations that are available in various models, depending on the user’s requirements. For example, the company has robotic and manual Total Stations, depending on the user’s needs.

Topcon is also well known for GNSS, and the company offers several models depending on the accuracy that users require and the constellations they want to hit. Users can run that in a hybrid, which offers a range of different options.

Finally, Topcon offers an update to the idea of layout, providing a dedicated layout Total Station that has three buttons, making it easy to use for someone whose job is to lay out things within a construction environment.

Overall, Topcon Positioning’s products are designed to help professionals work more efficiently and accurately in a range of different environments. From the GTL 1200 with its Wi-Fi capabilities to the GNSS equipment and Total Stations, the company offers a range of products to suit different needs. The bespoke software is also an essential aspect of the company’s offerings, as it ensures that professionals can carry out specific tasks effectively.

You can check more Topcon solutions in their website and also more interviews using the TAG #INTERGEO.

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